Paper Planes
06/15/2009, 03:36
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There’s no doubt that Paper Planes was probably one of the most popular tracks of 2008 and continues to be pretty hot into 2009. It’s an amazing track and you can’t deny the production value on Kala.

There’s been a number of remixes, but I’m posting my favorite ones off the Homeland Security remixes.

MIA Myspace / Buy “Kala”

Paper Planes (ft. Bun B & Rich Boy) (Diplo Street Remix) [download]
Paper Planes (ft. Rye Rye & African Boy) (Blaqstarr Remix) [download]


06/09/2009, 14:53
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Found this whitelabel remix of Burial’s “Raver,” which appears on his 2007 album “Untrue.” This happens to be a pretty good drum & bass remix of the track. Not sure who RK is, but I’d recommend checking this out either way.

Burial Myspace / Buy “Untrue”

Unknown Artist vs Burial – Raver (RK Remix) [download]

Defected in the House
06/08/2009, 18:08
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I really like House music. I’ve never been able to get into the more disco-y house…and most of the time the Defected stuff sounds way too “disco” to me. I tend to listen to everything they put out (after all, if you don’t give it a listen or two, you can’t really make a solid judgement on it), and I very rarely say “hey, that wasn’t a totally cheesy song.” So with Defected in the House Ibiza 09, I was prepared to never play it again. But, to my surprise, I found a really solid track that I thought I’d share.

The title is a little weird, though.

DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto – Push in the Bush (Main Mix) [download / buy]

16bit in Chicago
06/04/2009, 05:56
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16bitposterNot really a huge mp3 post, but just a reminder for you in the Midwest that 16bit will be in Chicago this Friday (June 5th) at Lava.

Red Threat wrote a nice little article about it.

Hip-House ’89
06/03/2009, 23:46
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A Chicago-centered documentary made in 1989 focusing on Hip-House, or the crossing over of Hip-Hop/Rap with House.

Gutter Music
06/03/2009, 16:52
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Highly decent 12″ that came out awhile back. There’s three tracks on this one (the instrumental, the main version feating Durrty Goodz, and the 15 minute long VIP mix). I’m throwing the version with Durrty Goodz up because it’s the best.

This track is available on Starkey’s full length, which I’ve linked to.

This dude’s a great producer and the synths in this track are amazing. Grab this one for sure.

Starkey Myspace / Buy This Release

Starkey ft. Durrty Goodz – Gutter Music [download]

Watch a Band Self-Destruct on YouTube
06/01/2009, 16:46
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Wow. Wavves went from being MP3 blog darlings to planning an entire tour of Europe pretty quickly.  They were talked about on Pitchfork and buzz around them seemed to build up really fast. In case you missed out on all the hype, Wavves is a dude from San Diego who recorded a bunch of songs on a four-track recorder. It’s lo-fi, it’s pop music, it’s not that bad. If you’re still curious, hit up Wavves on Hype Machine.

Wavves (as a duo, guitar and drums) recently played the Primavera Sound festival in Spain this weekend and self-destructed. Hard. On stage. In front of thousands. You have to watch the video. It’s pretty amazing.

The day after Primavera, Wavves canceled their next show. And, announced today, Wavves have canceled their entire European tour. There was an apology up on Wavves’ blog blaming the mixing of substances (mainly valium, ecstasy, and xanax, and alcohol) for the Primavera disaster.

Pitchfork covered the whole thing, from beginning to end: The breakdown / The apology / The aftermath

Sucks for Wavves. There are thousands, probably millions, of musicians that would love to plucked from otherwise obscurity to tour Europe and play for that amount of people. And yet, here’s a band in that exact situation, and they fuck it up by being stoned out of their mind and otherwise being dicks. Makes you think: maybe they didn’t deserve this to begin with?